by Without Mercy

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released May 27, 2016


all rights reserved



Without Mercy Vancouver

What’s in a name? Everything. And Vancouver-based Without Mercy certainly stays true to its name. Ruthless and menacing, these Canadian metal titans have cultivated a fusion of death and thrash, a sound that shows off the band’s respect for, and dedication to both genres. ... more

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Track Name: Worthless
Castrate all your dreams 
Maintain focus on yourself.

You smell like a bitch.
Only cowards leave their post.

Pacifist. Shut the fuck up.
It’s time

Follow the weakness, bullshit leaves you blind.
Putrid tongued, molester of words

Crumpled, deflated, belittled and outdated.
Continue griping while backs are all turned.

Grieving the loss by tearing at the seams.

There’s no excuses anymore.

This has become worthless.

Contribute nothing, not having the means.

Grasping at straws, fuck your intentions.

Trespassing borders and planting the seed

Of a makeshift martyr crawling on their knees

There’s no excuses anymore.
This has become…..

Excuses have been passed around

Your existence is
Worthless now more than ever before.

Look how this dooms the weak willed.

What has been done shall not go unpunished.

Holding progress back from those willing to work.
Standing in your way, 
No one else’s fault.

Hard work shall prevail

Fight through the adversity.

There’s no excuses anymore.

This has become

Excuses have been passed around.
You are worthless.
Track Name: In Waves (ft. Mark Hunter of Chimaira)
It’s coming. It’s fucking coming.
The end. The end is coming.
This stems from tragedy.
Nothing stays the same. Nothing stays the same.
Thrown to the curb not seeing what's worth (it)
Nothing to live for
Being pushed around.
The end of days.
Anticipation comes.
Difuse the power.
Let the violence come in waves and destroy everything.
Bring new life to the old which is broken. 
Reached my wits end
Tired of what has become
No longer willing to stand and continue fighting.
For what noone else is willing to die for.
Let the violence come in waves and destroy everything.
Bring new life to the old which is broken. 
Let the violence come in waves.

(Mark Hunter)
Wake up.
Wake up to the horror
To the revelation
To the devastation
Wake up.

And nothing can stop this.
And nothing can change this

Watch the floods take over the city.
Terror ensues.  The masses scatter for cover.
Witness the rebirth, of selfishness infecting us (all).
Shatter paradigms. 
Track Name: Burn
Walking through the ominous gates.

Darkness all around, it encapsulates
Every speck of light that tries to break

The territory held within the gates.

Stones lined up on the ridge

Mark the others trying to forgive.

All the sins which are cast upon themselves.

Judgement will be passed.
Soon you will see.

No way out of this.

Time takes its toll on the strength of the soul

Fathom all of the pain while awaiting for this judgement to be.

Passed soon never able to face what awaits them.

At the black gates.

Take the leap into the flame.

Face what you have reaped.

Through the fog you’ll find the maze

Of those who already passed through (the gates)

Live the days and face the lives they have made.

No chance for your redemption.


Burn in hell.



Towards the sisters of fate.

Stand at the gates

Face what awaits.

Burn in hell.

Consumed by fire you feel the flesh melt from your seared broken bones.
Stand at the gates.

Hindsight results in a selfish reflection of time.

A desperate attempt to unravel the actions of one who can 

Only regret what has brought forth the end of a pitiful existence.

The writing has always been on the wall

Don’t bitch about it,
You ignored the signs.

Track Name: Morphine
Can’t outrun it, can’t describe it.

Unable to fucking hide (it).

Coarse through the vein, it erases the pain

Cut through the haze to remain sane.

Why is it that it doesn’t change?

The pain inside that remains.

Tortured slowly can’t get passed
The fucking pain, it just lasts
Just how it feels

No one can see
It brings only misery.

The pain inside

No way to prepare.
he pain is still inside.

Now just go numb.

No longer feel It ignore

The fucking pain you must endure.

No one can stop it now it has become too strong.

The pain inside

No way to prepare.

The pain is still inside, From the thigh up to neck

Now stay numb.

Tormented is the beast

That lays inside of me.

Praying for his release.

From the ashes he shall prevail.

I’m sorry….

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