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by Without Mercy

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Сats and Metal Blog for all the fans of decapitated, gojira and carbomb! sick riffs, sick vocals, sick composing skills! definitely a big fan since first listen! cheers from Russia! Favorite track: Left Alone.
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dareel_thing This band is amazing. The recording is great, but their live performances are a whole other level of amazing. If you ever have the chance, see them.
Andreas Dahlström
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Andreas Dahlström Savage riffs, tasteful leads and great songs!Also 3:10 of Left Alone is a lot like 2:40 of Pantera's Strength Beyond Strength - maybe a homage?
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We are the flightless thunderbirds firmly anchored to the ground We know nothing of the skies, but by instinct we crave freedom from the Earths chaotic surface We have no power here We struggled as boys and girls We feel far too much We have thunder in our blood Animkee fly! We found our wings, but who hid them from us? Animkee Everyone of us stands winged, except for me I’ve become addicted to the war paint I’m sensible in my stride but I acknowledge my pride I love you all, now go and fly Animkee
Abysmal 05:42
Abysmal Started as an average day, but then things went very strange I saw you smile while watching a death Your gaze was as fixed and unmoving as the body you observed My back began to arch involuntarily As if a raging bull was attempting to gore me from the inside out, bones began to sprout out of my scapula Bones with colourless feathers but They demanded your attention like food in a famine I only seem high and mighty, because you are abysmal Watch me ascend even further Am I a self-righteous bastard? If yes, then clip my wings But, if you hesitate to denude me of my grace I will viciously blind you with light Am I an Angel or just a wolf with wings? Searching for what’s right Trying not to smite But this is not alright My feathers are turning black You will see the light I am self-righteous and I will correct you Fuck you Halo clouding the sky This really went awry In between the ring There is a light But not just any light There are locusts in its rays In between the ring The locusts tussle with godly beings Who will win? You decide I’m frightened for what this really means for me
Left Alone 04:00
Left Alone Humming all day, I whistle away the nightmare Moving from toil to toil in a daze Unknown to backbone to gravestone There has to be something else Admire my scars without acknowledging the pain These hands have clawed for water I don’t speak I’m afraid these teeth Afraid these teeth Afraid these teeth might fucking tear you wide Or even worse they might eat the fucking earth I pray every night that they will simply fall out I am not the same because I ignored the shame, the guilt, the pain With that being said, I don’t want to be left for dead, just left alone Something is holding me down Look me in my damn eyes and try to tell me I’m great Look me in my damn eyes and try to tell me I’m great Fuck off
Wiindigo 04:55
Wiindigo: I sleep and sleep with a fire below my feet I’m sick - You’re pure I’m gorged face down on the floor wearing a violent lei and everybody hears you say, “He finally ate the Earth, and now he will sleep forever” You all cheer I am dead but I still feel fear Is this bed built special for men like me? What happens when the dreams run out? When the meat is gone, I eat the bone My sleeping body can feel whispers gathering around my crown What are they saying? Are they worshipping me or cursing me? What have I learned? Sleep is the enemy But now I see a figure approaching me It is cloaked in gold and begins to run at me with its mouth agape As it draws closer I am bludgeoned paralyzed from the fear of being eaten Now ten feet away I am dumbfounded to see my face staring out from behind its jaws I ate the Earth because my hunger was unruly And now it eats me just as cruelly
Disinfect the Soul: Thank God there’s only one of you I’m striving for a better form of survival THE MEANS AREN’T AVAILABLE without the threat I finally understand what could make a man run Chasing my tail, I have it now SO MUCH WORSE than first thought Split my breast plate and pry me open like a casket gasping for death Allow the curious sun into the cavity and relieve me of privacy As I’m peeling off my scalp Bloodsteam rushes into God’s eyes and clots his vision He pleads, “No!” I reply, “Just wipe your eyes, and continue to watch me as I disassemble the prison you’ve built for me You’re going pale and clammy I have never seen a God vomit So just puke!” Disinfect the soul If sunlight is the greatest disinfectant Then I’m sure that this will hurt Swelling, seizing, shucked raw and exposed I disinfect the soul I’m down in a hole but far from a grave I’m down in a hole but far from a grave Standing skinless I’m ready to behave Now I’m in control Disinfect the soul Now I’m in control Disinfect the soul Now I’m in control Disinfect the soul Now I’m in control Time to disinfect the soul I have always been afraid to bleed out at the wrong time Always afraid to improve myself Always afraid to have a higher goal Forgoing the whole, now I’m in control I disinfect the soul Ripping out the bones One by one I toss them aside Observe me Pick at me Stomp on me I am everything I need to be Finally suffering carefree Blood and guts
The Disaster 03:52
The Disaster Are we all just empty vessels influenced by the world? What is your function? Whether it’s kindness or hostility Everyone has the right to praise, disregard, and condemnation Which mode of control do you consent to? Violence, opulence, abstinence? Excitement is uncertainty Noose so snug, you shrug it off Defend what controls you Because it is comfortable I misperceive, but I must believe that I’ve never made a single choice in my life I misperceive, but I say that we’ve deceived ourselves for long enough, accept how you operate Gripping your thoughts far too hard to concentrate The sickness grows when inflicted, convicted, restricted We are all chained to a set course dictated by blood, mud, and luck The mind, the body, the master You are the anger, joy, disgust, surprise, kindness, pity, envy, love, fear, trust, affirmation, negation, guilt and devotion. Modesty, and self-attention, I am wracked with apprehension Meditative, ill-tempered Admiration, obsession, triumph, anxiety, excitement, desperation, satisfaction, indifference, and sympathy We are all chained to a set course dictated by blood, mud, and luck The mind, the body, the disaster Learn to love the locust I decide that I have no choice in the matter I decide to embrace the puppet master Blood is the problem, but I accept what flows in me
Possessed 04:04
Possessed I started life with rage and I won’t grow kinder Fuck you I don’t think I was ever supposed to be here Would you be willing to let me disappear? Grasping at the night I’m afraid to embrace sight You have the power but you’re too nice You continue to hold me close Please just hold your nose and burn my clothes What will it take to grow these family trees into one? Marriage, carriage, luxury? What pulls us together is not what is mutually loved, but what is hated Will I be forever shackled to your loving hand? Will I be dragged beyond my will and planted as an eternal flower to your grave? Will I produce thorns to guard your mound? Will I be picked and gifted to resolve a conflict? You will never fucking reap me Loyalty until the very end I am now possessed by your will to live I am now possessed by your willingness to give I am now possessed by your grace I am now possessed by you and everything you do This is like pulling teeth And I’m done with it Try again, wring me dry I’m burdened by the thought of giving up Strong enough I’m so upset There is no reward without exertion
I Break the Chain It is better to die from curiosity than cancer Be wary where you air your demons Everybody holding hands will never be the key to peace But let’s imagine just for a second this would ever happen How long until the person to your left leaves you broke and person to your right grabs your fucking throat? Look, someone down the line died What’re we gonna do with him? Sever both the hands that hold him Look, there is a child being beaten with his own hand I would go to save him But, my hands are all tied up I am starting to feel sick, who gave me this? I am gnawing at my hands Who knew that holding a hand could imprison me? We all bled out in the heat of the sun Messages came from down the line that there was peace In the east, west, north, south? All I know is that it’s hell right here I am still growing accustomed to sleeping on my back, but the stars are the only thing that brings me relief now Suddenly they all align and attempt to communicate with me “The first man to break the chain, will learn to love isolation” I break the chain They all bled out in the heat of the sun With one missing link they will perish In the east, west, north, south? They care not where They all scream as the great snake appears It eats them horrifically I care not for them, I am free from the chain
Uprooted 04:58
Uprooted I dreamt of a tree dying. It was uprooted and murdered by a force I cannot comprehend The tree splintered and cracked like a chicken bone in a wolverines maw Its roots like raven claws frantically slashed at the sky suffocating for a foundation It screamed like an infant I open my eyes To dream of the earth dying is nothing new To watch in awe of its beauty is something I don’t do To hold a dead bird in my hand and demand it sing To hold a gift in my hand and not feel a thing So as I reflect on this dream of horrific beauty I offer nothing profound in my reaction Crush the sun into my bones It is well-known I don’t bleed Curse me dead and rape my home And I will show you how I’ve grown I was affected But, emotion should never be expected Allow me to process the world as best I can I am a common man that is sick of panicking, sick of managing, sick of damaging, sick of bandaging Crush the sun into my bones Let the mountains watch me die Curse me dead and rape my home I will never fucking comply With goosebumps on my neck And a rage in my breath I stomp the earth with bare feet and scream, “I am incomplete!” Ripe with indifference Void of preference I trudge forward Aimless soul I trudge forward Toward fulfillment I dreamt of the tree again and it never died It fought with all its might against the force I can’t describe It did more than just survive the force It had its way with its predator Viciousness the only resort What I misperceived as a deathscream Was a warcry I open my eyes, now complete


released November 20, 2020

• All songs performed by: WITHOUT MERCY
• All songs written by: WITHOUT MERCY
• Produced by: DJ Temple
• Mixed by: Dave Otero
• Mastered by: Dave Otero
• Album Artwork by: Brayden Eshuis


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Without Mercy Vancouver

What’s in a name? Everything. And Vancouver-based Without Mercy certainly stays true to its name. Ruthless and menacing, these Canadian metal titans have cultivated a fusion of death and thrash, a sound that shows off the band’s respect for, and dedication to both genres. ... more

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